appetizersFried Zucchini Chips
Served with ranch dressing $8.25

Crispy Green Beans
Tender & crispy fried green beans piled high.  Served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce.
Fried Pickles
Sliced pickle spears battered and fried to a golden brown.
Sausage & Onions
Grilled and sliced Kielbasa and bratwurst sausage.  Served with
caramelized onions & stone ground mustard.  $8.25

Potato Skins
Served with bacon, cheese & sour cream. $8.25

Artichoke Dip
Topped with parmesan cheese and served with toasted
bread  $10.95
Steamer Clams
Sauteed with bacon bits, diced tomatoes, green onions, 
fresh garlic with white wine butter sauce.
Served with bread.  $ 12.95


Served with  garlic toast.  Add four prawn skewer $4.95

 Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccini
 Grilled chicken breast & mushrooms over fettuccini topped with our creamy Alfredo sauce.
 Crossroads Macaroni & Cheese
 Penna pasta cooked until tender & then smothered in our creamy 4-cheese sauce.
 Add bacon, ham or chicken $2.50

 Spaghetti & Meat Balls
 Our own meatballs served over tender fettuccine pasta  & smothered in Joe's Marinara sauce.
Chicken Parmesan
Eight oz. lightly breaded chicken breast served over pasta and marinara sauce.
Fresh Veggie Pasta
  Fresh seasonal veggies sautèed in garlic white wine sauce tossed with your choice of rice or pasta.
  Prawn Fettuccini
  Five large prawns sautèed with, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, green onions and fresh garlic tossed in a light Alfredo sauce.
 Seafood Pasta
 Fresh pieces of cod loin, salmon & prawns sautèed with garlic, diced tomatoes and green onions served over penna pasta.  Finished with a light cream sauce and parmesan cheese.
Prime Rib Stroganoff
 Prime Rib Bites, Sautèed Mushrooms  Onions with Garlic Toast.


Split Plate Charge $4.95

steak and ris

 Rib Eye
 14 oz rib eye steak charbroiled to your specification, finished with
 grilled onion Bordelaise sauce.
 Saint Louis Ribs or Beef Ribs
 Premium St. Louis cut spare ribs, dry rubbed and slow cooked until
 pull-apart tender.  Served with garlic toast.
 Half rack (1 pound) $17.95
 Full rack (2 pounds) $23.95
 Slow Smoked Texas Tri-Tip
 8 oz of smoked marinated tri-tip.  Housemade hickory BBQ sauce
 served with caramelized onions and garlic toast.
 New York
 10 oz New York steak charbroiled to your liking.

Flat Iron Steak
8 oz cut, charbroiled to your liking $20.95

 Smoked Prime Rib
 10 oz $25.95    16 oz $29.95
 Served with Au Jus and creamy horseradish.


dinner favoritesServed with Choice of Side

 Tri-Tip & Shrimp Platter
 8 oz of marinated & smoked tri-tip paired with three coconut
 prawns.  $23.95

 Chicken Fried Steak
 8 oz chicken fried steak smothered in brown gravy or country gravy.
 Smoked BBQ Beef Brisket
 Slow smoked brisket piled high topped with caramelized onions & our house BBQ sauce.
 Slow smoked Pulled Pork
 8 oz of smokey pulled pork piled high with Joe's hickory BBQ sauce. 
 Served with garlic toast.

 Fish N' Chips
  2 pieces $13.95, 3 pieces $15.95
 Golden fried cod served with fries & coleslaw

 Chicken Strips
 3 strips of golden fried chicken $10.95
 Housemade Meatloaf
 Thick sliced meatloaf smothered with our beef gravy. 
Served with garlic toast. 
  Two Pieces$13.95-Three $15.95


Crossroads Pick Three Combo Platter
Choose any three of these delicious BBQ meats from St. Louis Style Ribs, Chicken Quarter, Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket.

Tri-Tip & Ribs
A combo of our two most popular meats.  St. Louis Style ribs OR beef ribs, and 8 ounces of our slow smoked tri-tip grilled to your liking.
Chicken & Rib Combo
A BBQ chicken quarter and beef or pork ribs with corn on the cob & choice of side.
Tri-Tip & Shrimp Platter
8 oz portion of slow smoked tri-tip grilled to your liking paired with three coconut prawns.

Ask about our daily desserts!


Choice of homemade 1000 Island, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinegar and Raspberry Vinaigrette.
Cobb Salad
 Tossed greens topped with ham, turkey, cheese, blue cheese, egg, smoked maple bacon & croutons.
 Chef's Salad
 Tossed greens topped with ham, turkey, cheddar & Swiss cheese, green onion, celery, tomatoes, egg, smoked maple bacon & croutons.
  Northwest Salad
 Fresh greens topped with cucumber, sliced egg, cheese, olives, artichoke hearts & tomato with your choice of dressing.
 $13.50  Add grilled salmon, Ahi tuna, bay shrimp, grilled OR crispy chicken  $3.95.
 Asian Chicken Salad
 Shredded cabbage, carrot, cucumber, cashews, & fried wontons.  Tossed with Asian dressing & topped with grilled chicken breast.
 Caesar Salad
 Fresh romaine lettuce, topped with grated Parmesan cheese, croutons & our incredible huse-made Caesar dressing.
 Add grilled chicken  $2.50


chicken Bourbon Chicken Breast
8 oz breaded chicken breast covered in bourbon mushroom cream sauce.
Smoked Barbequed Chicken
A half smoked barbequed chicken.
Grilled Chicken Breast
8 oz grilled chicken breast with raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce.

 seafoodServed with garlic trail taters, baked potato (make it a loaded baked potato with cheese & bacon for $1.00 extra), mashed potatoes, dirty rice OR Don's Smokin' Good Baked Beans. .  Add four prawn skewer $4.95.

Tiger Prawn Scampi
Five large tiger prawns sautèed with garlic, shallots, fresh lemon, butter & chardonnay.
Grilled Ahi Tuna
8 oz pan seared Ahi tuna on a bed of baby spinach with wasabi & soy.
Coconut Prawns
Deep fried golden brown with house-made marmalade dipping sauce.
Garlic Lime Prawns
Two skewers of four large tiger prawns grilled with garlic lime glaze.
Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon
8 oz filet served with berry port wine sauce.
Grilled Salmon
8 oz filet served with white wine cream sauce.